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I came to Pierce with shoulder and neck pain. After an hour, not only was the pain gone but his work relieved the low-grade irritability that comes from being in pain for a week. Thank you for a great session that was a benefit to both my body and mind! – Morgan

The Thai massage with Pierce was extraordinary.  I felt as if he was listening to my body and helping it to move and stretch in ways that were meaningful and necessary.  He is a very intuitive practitioner, and his yoga training and breath work provided insights for a deeper release of tension.  I strongly recommend a Thai massage with Pierce. – Sandi

I really enjoy Pierce’s work. He is patient and steady in trying to understand my body’s issues. I was at ease after he finished his work. Magic hands. – Hanh

I had not had a full Thai massage before.  Although I have known Pierce for a couple of years, this was a new venture for both of us. Pierce makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning by explaining everything. In addition saying a silent prayer before starting helps set the stage that you’re going to be in good hands. Not only did I enjoy the massage but Pierce hit some spots that have been chronically sore. I feel so much better afterwards and I hope to make these sessions a regular part of my health and healing. – Tamra

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A Thai massage with Pierce is equivalent to taking a yoga class but without having to do anything but lie down and let him do his thing. He has an intuitive sense which enables him to start at a place of ease and then work the body to a state of release. What a gift to have this type of massage with Pierce! – Monica

Intuitive, thoughtful, and transformative. Pierce offers a healthy balance of softness and firmness in his technique; opening the body up physically and creating space mentally. He has a profound way of communicating with you during the session not just verbally but through touch, helping to get the most benefit out of the massage. After, I felt more at ease, but also alert, energized. – James

Pierce’s knowledge about the body and how it moves, can be felt in his touch. I had a great experience during my massage with him. He always used the right amount of pressure and was very conscious on how to move and manipulate my body. I was in a good place during and after the session, I felt relaxed, and I could feel how tight spots were looser after. His calm, light personality also made the experience a very pleasant one. – Alexia

Pierce Doerr is a gifted body worker. His work on me using Thai massage was truly incredible. Some of the things I loved were: his clear communication about what Thai massage is and how it’s done; constant check ins during our time together to make sure pressure was feeling right; his sense of the sacredness of our clay bodies and the spirit residing inside. Also, I felt amazing afterwards which really impressed me as I’m dealing with some old injuries that have troubled me for years. I’d say that whether you are looking for a soothing deep experience of not just the surface of the body but more connection with your interior experience, or maybe you’re an athlete needing some after event or training care, or you just want to feel awesome, you should call on Pierce for some Thai massage. – Hillary

I had a wonderful experience with Pierce. I suffer from lower back pain and was in search of some relief. Pierce was very considerate and attentive to my needs and limitations. He thoughtfully checked in throughout the massage to make sure the amount of pressure was manageable for me. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed with noticeably looser muscles. I would highly recommend Pierce. – Etta

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Book now for a Thai massage and bodywork session with Pierce Doerr in Chicago
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