Feeling stressed or in pain?

I help clients feel and move better so that everyday life is more of a breeze. If you’re ready to peel away some of your physical and mental burdens, allow me to help lighten your load.

“I came to Pierce with shoulder and neck pain. After an hour, not only was the pain gone but his work relieved the low-grade irritability that comes from being in pain for a week. Thank you for a great session that was a benefit to both my body and mind!” – Morgan

“The benefits of Thai massage with Pierce are not just physical but also mental. Not only did I notice greater range of mobility and strength after but also mentally more clear and focused. Highly recommend some sessions with Pierce.” – Becca

“Pierce is an extraordinarily talented therapist. He finds all the sore spots, and uses a wonderful mixture of breath and deep pressure to help me let go. I love the mix of supported stretching, breath, and more conventional massage. Very highly recommended.” – Jennifer

Ready to feel great in your body?

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