I began yoga casually in my 20’s taking regular classes to manage stress, depletion and for a lack of better words, “to feel good.” The noticeable benefits spurred a regular practice and both 200 and 500 hour teaching certifications studying under many teachers and styles throughout the years.

After flirting with the idea of studying Thai massage for a few years, I finally dove in and went to Thailand for 2 months in the winter of 2017. The first month was at Loi Kroh, a small school working one-on-one with four different teachers. After this month of amazing private training, I hopped into class with Pichest Boonthumme, the venerable and well known master outside Chiang Mai who teaches at his home every day. I’ve returned to Pichest in 2018 and 2019 to continue studying his ever evolving style and life lessons. In Chicago I’ve taken workshops and class with Felicity Joy (Thai abdominal massage), Christopher Ray, Takashi Yoshizawa, and Paul Fowler.

Much like yoga, I see it as a limitless path to study and practice for years to come. I am grateful to be able to share this work with you.

My approach to massage is slow and considerate and to listen to your body. I am grateful to be able to share this work with you.

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