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People say that I’m kind, compassionate and a good listener. Combined with skill and intuition, I use these qualities in my Thai bodywork practice to work with you. I enjoy helping people lighten their load when their bodies and minds are stressed.

If you are currently feeling stressed or suffering from pain in your body, send a message and lets get the ball rolling to set up a session for you to find some relief and feel better.

• Schedule a Friday session

@ Tribe Healing Arts 12p-3:30p 

Book online – anytime Here

1821 W. Belmont in West Lakeview.

Schedule any other day

You can book a session any day of the week with me at either Tribe or Tejas Yoga based on your schedule and availability. Contact me to coordinate.


1 Hour – $70

1.5 Hours – $100

2 Hours – $125

[sessions are preferably 1.5-2 hours]
~ I will happily do longer sessions if interested ~

Thai style bodywork is more casual than most western massage and is typically done on the floor on a padded mat fully clothed. The practitioner employs techniques using their whole body to feel for tension and facilitate release using compressions, stretches, and breathing which among other things can heal old injuries, improve range of motion, and help you relax. I work with your body not “on” your body.


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