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Cost of a Thai massage and bodywork session as of 2021 in Chicago Illinois with Pierce Doerr
Purchase a package of thai bodywork and massage sessions with Pierce in Chicago and save some money.

After booking, I will follow up via email with information for your session.
Please read through onsite protocols at tribe here.
If you’d like to book outside of Fri / Sun, please contact for availability
(there is a $20/hr room rental fee).
I prefer working at my office, but in home appointments can be made for an additional fee of $75 with a minimum of a 90 min session.
Payment: Venmo @Pierce-Doerr, cash, or Credit Card (in person or online).

Book now for a Thai massage and bodywork session with Pierce Doerr in Chicago

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

People say that I’m kind, compassionate and a good listener. Combined with skill and intuition, I use these qualities in my Thai bodywork practice to work with you. I look forward to helping you release tension and stress in your body & mind.

All you need to do is:
Lie down, relax, and breathe.

Pierce giving a full body stretch in a Thai massage session in Chicago.

Like other Eastern forms of healing, Thai bodywork (also called Thai massage) is based on the idea that the body’s life force flows along channels within the body, and blockages in this flow manifest as discomfort and disease. When energy is flowing freely along these channels, you typically feel energized, relaxed and healthy. 
Traditional Thai bodywork is typically done on a padded mat on the floor fully clothed. This allows the practitioner to creatively use their whole body (feet, knees, hands, elbows) to massage the client. During a session you will experience rhythmic massage, long held compressions, acupressure and yoga-like stretches that open and tone the body, encouraging the process of self healing, relaxation, and renewal.

Physically, Thai bodywork is wonderful in treating chronic pain, improving joint health, athletic performance, and stimulating circulation. Since everything is connected, the effects are also commonly felt energetically as decreased anxiety and irritability, feeling more grounded, and mentally more clear and focused.

See you soon,

Book now for a Thai massage and bodywork session with Pierce Doerr in Chicago
Location 1821 W. Belmont, Chicago IL E-mail Hours Fridays & Sundays in Chicago - Roscoe Village
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