January 19th, 2019

Tejas Yoga

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Most of us look outwards to others to help with body aches and pains, but how about learning to become more self reliant and confident in working with your own body?

This workshop will cover many ways in which you can work on your body. We will incorporate movements, compressions, joint mobilization exercises, and stretches. Come to learn how to sense and feel the deeper layers of your body as you use your own body, as well as how to use props, tools, and everyday objects to work on yourself. This workshop will easily compliment your yoga practice and you will leave with new strategies of thinking about your practice and overall health.

These practices can be done at the comfort of your yoga mat, sitting in a chair, standing etc…I will show many different variations to approach an area of your body so that you can find the way that works best for you and your body.

This class is good for yoga practitioners who want to think outside the contemporary box, massage therapists for self care techniques to keep their own bodies working well…But really it is for anyone with an open mind who is looking to incorporate different ways to help their body function better, move easier, more freely, and interested to learn techniques of how to relieve tension in the body.

  • Learn techniques to use your own body to practice self massage to relieve tension and feel better
  • Learn how to use props, tools and everyday objects to practice self massage
  • How to incorporate these techniques for a fuller, more therapeutic and holistic practice
  • Gain confidence in sensing/feeling of how to work with and help your body by using pressure, weight and touch
  • Learn how to combine these skills with your yoga practice, or use them on their own to find relief and unlock restrictions in your body
  • Learn simple but effective joint rotational exercises that are low impact but high output
  • Understand how to use your own body mechanics to practice self massage easily
  • Learn how to refine being present with yourself while using the breath to facilitate release

No previous massage experience or trainings are needed or required. All are welcome. Enthusiasm to learn will go a long way

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, bring 2 yoga mats if you have them, notebook, camera or phone if you wish to take pictures/video.

– Optional to bring: Any massage tools you might have at home (foam roller, lacrosse/massage balls, back roller, etc…) as we will use them in class to demonstrate different ways you can use them with your body.

Cost: 40.00

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