Covid Protocols at Tribe

How to build trust? Be transparent.

Below you can find a list of protocols I follow while onsite at Tribe.

  • Arrive wearing a mask
  • Take off shoes and apply hand sanitizer
  • Wash hands in restroom before entering the treatment room
  • Set up treatment room, turn on hepa/uv filter and disinfect high touch surfaces
  • Put a fresh sheet on mat, change clothes, and switch to kn95 face mask
  • Welcome you into the space for your appointment šŸ˜·
    • Client appointments are staggered with other practitioners to avoid interaction with others (if anyone else is even onsite at that time)
  • At the end of your session use hand sanitizer and then wash hands in restroom
  • 45 minutes is scheduled in between appointments for cleaning and to air out the room
    • disinfect the vinyl massage mat & pillows and high touch surfaces
    • change sheets, change clothes and change mask
    • put used linens and clothes into a sealed bin outside of the treatment room
  • Wash hands and repeat if seeing other clients that day

Location 1821 W. Belmont, Chicago IL E-mail Hours Fridays & Sundays in Chicago - Roscoe Village
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