Book an Appointment

My regular “hours” are Fridays 12-3:30p @ Tribe – 1821 W. Belmont in West Lakeview.

BOOK online-anytime HERE

Being a member there gives me access to make appointments whenever there’s a free room, which is often. It’s a beautiful, quaint, and very clean place. I’d love to have you come visit sometime. It’s also a 5 minute walk from my apartment, that’s the best commute! Shoot me a message on the Contact page if you don’t have my email, phone # or social media details and would like to set up an appointment there.

If the South Loop is more convenient for you, then I’ll see you at Tejas Yoga @ 13th and Wabash. The hardwood floors are so clean, they reflect the massive amount of sun light pouring in the windows. I love working there and have lots of space to play with.

Either location will give you all of my attention, water and tea, and hopefully a lighter load as you depart. Thanks for considering and your trust.