To Thailand or knot?

** Update – I did not find a yoga private partner, so I’m staying here in March. Maybe next year; thanks for entertaining this idea. -pierce **

In 4 weeks, a program starts in Chiang Mai, Thailand hosted by Blue lotus Thai healing  studies of Chicago. It will delve into studying and practicing the ancient form of Thai massage and its different modalities of healing.

Paul Fowler, the leader of the pack, is organizing the trip. I know Paul on both a professional and social level, so I know that 1, the program is going to be top notch and 2, I’ll be in good company. I have always had an interest in massage and learning these skills will be great for me on a personal level, but sharing what I learn is what I most look forward to. 

But, the thing is…while my schedule allows the time off, (sometimes not having a 9-5 with regular income, benefits, bonuses, health insurance, ice cream socials pays off?!) my bank account does not have the same flexibility.

The trip will cost around $5000 to pay for the program, airfare, etc…

Instead of using a kickstarter or fundraising campaign, I’d like to offer a deal: Pay for my trip in advance, and I give you one private lesson a week for one year. A private is valued at $100, and you’d be getting 52.  Scheduling is negotiable, and the offer can be split between 2 people.

2014, the year of the barter…or pay it forward, really.

If you’re not interested but you know someone who might be, please pass this on! I teach all abilities, ages and “levels.” The privates must take place in Chicago either in your home or a neutral space. If you live outside the city, additional charges may apply. A contract will be written up and formalized.

Here’s the link to read more about the program.

In two weeks (Feb 15, 2014), this idea will either self destruct or I’ll be able to go by way of a generous new partner.

Contact me here

Paul Fowler and me!

pierce and paul

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