Sunday Meditations


With fall in the air, and the movement of nature as it transitions in seasons – I will be doing a series of guided meditations based on the vayu’s. Starting Sunday October 28th for the next five weeks (till November 25th) in meditation class you will be lead through a different guided meditation for each vayu. It will involve mudra’s, visualizations, and specific mantras for each “wind” as I have learned them.

The vayu’s govern different aspects of nature and our bodies on different levels. Here is a brief synopsis:

Prana Vayu is energizing – intake of food, breath, nutrition, sensory impressions, emotions – Head and Heart
Udana Vayu is ascending – upward movement of food, breath, impressions, speech, exhalation – governs output of energy – Diaphragm/Throat
Vyana Vayu is expanding – outward movement of energy, circulation of nutrients, oxygen, mental circulation as well as exercise capacity – Chest/Whole Body
Samana Vayu is contracting/consolidating – absorption of food, breath, digestive process – Navel area
Apana Vayu is descending/stabilizing – downward movement of food, elimination, reproduction, grounding – Lower Abdominal/Pelvis

I hope to see you there. Feel free to use your udana vayu to tell others who may enjoy.

Classes are held at Moksha Yoga – West Bucktown location – 2528 W. Armitage #202 in Chicago – Right across from the delicious smells and sounds of 90 Miles Cuban Restaurant


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