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Welcome to another calendar year. Getting older is getting better, isn’t it?

I am fond of becoming a more understanding and “wiser” human being as each year passes…and also acknowledge and learn from my flaws ! I often wonder why those who say, “I wish I was a kid again” make this exclamation. The real joy of living is to use your experiences as learning tools to build and shape your choices, lifestyle, and how you choose to spend your time. It also means that you take responsibility for your life and your actions.
Rule #1 – Don’t complain.
The idea that when you are a kid you have no responsibilities, and the reliance on others to take care of you is great…but that is also a learning experience. It is the experience that allows you to value how you age, and the continual process of change.
When you are in the change of living, you are living in Vairagya. Coming from the yoga sutras, meaning: non-attachment. This essentially means, “letting go.” Letting go of your ego to be the person you have made yourself in your mind to be, letting go of your ego to “do” a yoga posture (you are not impressing anyone by hurting yourself), letting go of trying to attach the idea of your present self to a past self.
These things essentially cloud your mind and hold you back from progressing personally with your own goals, relationships, and overall well being.

All this is well and good as words on a screen, but the real practice is making it not about philosophy (residing only as concepts in your head), but placing it into your life with action.
– Active compassion and making active positive choices – “un-sticking” old habit patterns.
Wake up each day, sun or clouds, and make a conscious effort for greatness!

Speaking of action…I’ve started some donation yoga classes in the Pilsen neighborhood – SW of downtown, starting this Sunday! These classes are for all people, all ages, all colors, all abilities.
Oftentimes, yoga is an expensive and sometimes exclusive club. This is my effort to make it more inclusive. Feel free to pass the word around, or download the flyer and post online.

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Location 1821 W. Belmont, Chicago IL E-mail info@piercedoerr.com Hours Fridays & Sundays in Chicago - Roscoe Village
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