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Finding balance and contentment in your life is completely independent of your surroundings.

I write from the highways of Missouri where I’m traveling with my band Sonoi, on tour for a week. We played in Kansas City last night and stayed at a hotel after the show. After a late wake up, I headed down to the pool room (no work out area) to go and do a morning practice. The walls adorned with painted flamingo’s and palm trees was my backdrop… And after a 45 minute practice involving some simple warm ups, standing and balancing poses, along with supta virasana and headstand – post savasana felt very clear and light. The ability to “see clearly” had definitely been established.

I encourage you to do whatever it is you need to do daily to be able to truly feel really good and find contentment, no matter the situation or location you find yourself in.
See you when I return!
– pierce

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