Post T-giving

If you are into early mornings, and awakening your dormant tamasic induced body from the past two days, then tomorrow morning’s yoga class is your time to shine. I teach at:
Saturday 26th – 7:30am – Moksha Yoga Riverwest – 700 N. Carpenter – subbing for Erin Cowan. Level 1-3

And the regularly scheduled program, where we will continue on this path of awakening your digestive process with lots of twists, bandha work, and breath assimilation.
Sunday 27th 3:30pm Level 1-3
Monday 28th 7:45pm Level 1
Moksha – Logan Square/Bucktown

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, however you may be spending them.

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Location 1821 W. Belmont, Chicago IL E-mail Hours Fridays & Sundays in Chicago - Roscoe Village
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